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The cost price of u disk

U disk is now a very portable storage devices, it is widely used at the life and work in normal. It makes  many companies use U disk as the company’s promotional gifts, it is easier to sell company products and brand promotion. U disk capacity is different so the price is different also. U disk capacity of the general is from 128 MB to 64GB. The capacity of 128 MB is under general  which is used in small storage work on electrical engineering, and more than 64 gb price is quite high which is used commonly in high-end solid-state hard disk. The  U disk capacity used in work and life is concentrated in the 128 MB – 64GB. The scope of this capacity will be enough and moderate price is quite easy to accept.
 The price of U disk components is include the price of the Flash prices + scheme (solution including the price of U disk surrounding the master price + add master + PCB + USB interface chip prices) + U disk of the cost of housing prices + packaging + assembly = the cost prices of USB Flash drive.
U disk price is floating and it depends on the relationship of supply and demand in the main flash chips. Flash memory chips generally update the price every day , within a week the fluctuations of the price may be 10% or even higher.Usually at the end of the year the price of U disk will rise because mainly by the end of the year many companies use usb sticks as promotional gifts With the flash demand increasing, overall U disk price is uncertain and the relationship between supply and demand of the market price float up and down.
The main manufacturers and Flash are Samsung, modern, Toshiba. They are almost monopolized by the few brands. Whether they choose to supply market Flash also decides the price of U disk and it even influences the whole storage industry not just the U disk.  We Can say U disk price is the price of the Flash, and P movements in the price of other components will not much affect the price of usb Flash drive. This part is accounted for only a small part of the U disk price calculation.
If you want to know the accurate price U disk is need to pay attention to the price of the FLASH, combined with other part of the U disk, a price can be set for the usb FLASH drive.
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